Stacy Zinn for Congress

Stacy Zinn is always on target!

A retired DEA agent and private security expert who has spent her career tackling cartels and terrorists, Stacy Zinn knows how to deliver results.

When something is in her sights, Stacy Zinn doesn't miss!
  • Delivering Tax Relief for Montana Families, Ranchers, and Employers
  • Securing Our Southern Border
  • Ending Catch and Release of Dangerous Criminals and Illegals
  • Cracking Down on Drug Dealers and Human Trafficking
  • Ending Bidenflation
  • Restoring America's Confidence and Strength
  • Balancing the Budget, Ending the Wasteful Spending

Stacy Zinn: On the Front Lines!

Stacy Zinn spent nearly 23 years with the DEA, fighting to keep Americans safe and free at home and around the globe. Now, she's running to bring her brand of tough, unflinching, results-driven leadership to Congress.

Confronting the Cartel

In February 2001, after 8 years as a private security expert, Stacy Zinn joined the DEA and was sent immediately to the southern border, working alongside the FBI in multiple undercover investigations targeting deadly Mexican cartels.

Tackling the Taliban

In 2005, Stacy Zinn joined the Foreign Deployed Advisory and Support Team (FAST), spending three years and four deployments fighting the opium trade in Afghanistan that was being used to fund both the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Patrolling Peru

From the poppy fields of Afghanistan, Stacy Zinn was sent to Lima, Peru, working with the Peruvian Counter Narcotics Police to plan, build, and execute their anti-drug interception programs.

Helping the Home Front

After Peru, Stacy Zinn was promoted and transferred to Montana. In 2018, Stacy became the first female named Montana's DEA Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) to oversee the three offices and all operations while providing drug education to Montana schools and the community.

"Zinn's experience in Kabul reads like a major motion picture thriller."

- Yellowstone Valley Woman

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